Honey flights (case of 12)

Honey flights (case of 12)

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A flight includes 3 varieties of honey. Perfect for handing out as gifts or storing for use throughout the year.


Our honey is harvested from the microclimate zones and diverse ecosystems throughout the Santa Monica Mountains. As each one of our honey varieties are harvested from one location at one particular time of year, our honey embodies the natural complexity of Southern California floral landscape.  

Our honey is not filtered or pasteurized; each honey has its own unique textures, colors, and taste profiles. Each run retains small amounts of pollens, plant enzymes, and the natural complex sugars found in the flowers.

Our honey is packaged in 4 oz , 8 oz & 12 oz Jars. Each jar is labeled with a location and harvest date identifier. For our most up-to-date description of honeys in stocks please refer to our current listings.

NOTE: This product is raw and at times will include pollen, bees wax, or bee parts. Crystallization of honey is normal. If you wish to return solidified honey to a liquid state - place in water bath (@90F) for 1 hour. DO NOT HEAT ABOVE 104F.

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