Rustic Canyon, CA

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Honey Tasting & Intro to Beekeeping

What is honey and what makes one honey different from another honey? This is your opportunity to get a first hand look into what goes into the production of local honey in the Los Angeles Area.


Presentation/ Lectures / Show & Tell

Discuss the basics of honey bee behavior, the benefits and difficulties of making honey in the Los Angeles area, and how to practice safe beekeeping practices to raise healthy, vigorous bees.

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Private Beekeeping Workshop

Private workshops are for the beginner to intermediate beekeeper who want to get more familiar with the different parts of the hive, learn how to work with bee tools, and understand better how to know what to do and when to do it to keep your bees healthy.


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“Honey Made by Bees in Different Parts of L.A. All Tastes Wonderfully Different” By Josh Lurie

A short article in LA MAGAZINE about the honey tastings we put on at events around the Los Angeles area showcasing all the varieties of honey we harvest from our bees.


Zooey Deschanel’s “Your Foods Roots”

I was lucky enough to sit down with Zooey Deschanel for an interview for her latest series on reconnecting with our foods. We sat down and talk about bees, tasted some honey and then suited up and inspected some hives.

“From Flower to honey” talk @ UCLA

Beekeeper Eli Lichter-Marck of Eli's Bees shares his knowledge of the honey-making process, local honey varieties and bee ecology. Guests are invited to explore the inside of a hive and taste different honeys.


“BACKBONE” on KCET with Butchy Fuego

This is a series featuring Butchy Fuego’s through hike along the backbone trail in Los Angeles County. The first episode features a short interview with the bees living at near Will Rodgers Park, where the backbone trail begins. My interview begins at minute 05:00.

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“Bees of summer” article in the palisades post from 2017

Short piece on keeping bees in the Pacific Palisades for our local news paper.